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Last Chance

TV show Pilot

KAB Films funded and produced the TV pilot, and found further investors to complete the Pilot EP for a TV show idea Created by G. Randyl Johnson.  Randy called Kelly Ann Barrett crying from NY because no one would show up to his pilot shoot's because he had no money to do it with. Kelly said "I have some money saved, let's shoot it here in LA. I know a lot of really great actors including Aaron Schwartz from The Mighty Ducks." So Randy of course came and we produced the pilot, and kelly hooked Randy up with another investor to fund the rest of the shoot. We reached out to Todd Bridges, and we got him as the star. After all was said and done Randy befriended all of Kelly's friends, ganged up on her, and turned everyone against her saying she did not even pay for the shoot, and she has receipts to prove it. These people are scum-sucking leeches, do not work with them. They cut her out and gave her no credit when there would be no pilot if Kelly hadn't paid for it and produced it. She could've shot her own pilot. It's a wannabe Trailer Park Boys show anyway.